Become a Chair


Our Forum Chairs are passionate about populating the world with better leaders. If you have your own advisory business and have a decade or more of experience working with CEOs and Executives, excellent business development and facilitation skills, along with unwavering integrity and a desire for personal and professional growth, you might be a suitable candidate for this rewarding role.

The Opportunity

Complement your existing coaching and/or consulting practice and expand your business network with award-winning CEOs and Canada’s leading brands. In addition to your already successful advisory practice, by becoming a Forum Chair you will enjoy a high-profile, rewarding position and a new, highly remunerative, recurring revenue stream.



Why MacKay CEO Forums?

We are the top tier brand. We are the only peer group organization that has a Chair certification program and a 90-day launch plan to get you up and running quickly. We offer a proven system, that is time efficient so that you can add peer groups as a key component of your existing advisory practice. Our Members often hire our Chairs for advisory services in addition to the Forum experience.

Making a Difference

Based on a proven approach to peer learning, our Chairs lead the member experience, idea exchange and support to accelerate business performance and save time for greater life balance.

Least Time Intensive, High Impact Format

Each peer group involves 6 full day meetings and a 2-day retreat annually, plus meeting preparation, business development, and training time. Forum Chairs typically chair 2-4 groups in addition to continuing with their successful advisory practices.

Do you share our passion?

If you share our passion to help CEOs achieve their full potential through world-class peer groups, we’d love to hear from you.