The Opportunity

Complement your existing coaching and/or consulting practice and expand your business network with award-winning CEOs and Canada’s leading brands. In addition to your already successful advisory practice, by becoming a Forum Chair you will enjoy a high-profile, rewarding position and a new, highly remunerative, recurring revenue stream.

High-Profile Rewarding Position
Remunerative Revenue Stream

Why MacKay CEO Forums?

We are the top tier brand. We are the only peer group organization that has a Chair certification program and a 90-day launch plan to get you up and running quickly. We offer a proven system, that is time efficient so that you can add peer groups as a key component of your existing advisory practice. Our Members often hire our Chairs for advisory services in addition to the Forum experience.

Why Become a MacKay CEO Forums Chair?
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Making a Difference

Based on a proven approach to peer learning, our Chairs lead the member experience, idea exchange and support to accelerate business performance and save time for greater life balance.

Getting Started as a MacKay CEO Forums Chair
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Least Time Intensive, High Impact Format

Each peer group involves 6 full day meetings and a 2-day retreat annually, plus meeting preparation, business development, and training time. Forum Chairs typically chair 2-4 groups in addition to continuing with their successful advisory practices.

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