**Sales Superstar** Fast Growing Co. based in Vancouver, BC Pays Well for Great Sales Talent!

Important — Sales Super Stars Only.
Sales Reps earn $110K/year Sales Superstars earn $250K/year

Our average salesperson earns $110,000 per year, while a great salesperson would pull down over $250,000. We are willing to pay well and you will see why true top producers can double that! We care more about your SKILLS for sales than your prestigious background. Young or old, if you have the stuff for sales, we’ll know it. But please don’t respond unless you really have the stuff of greatness.

Are you considered inspirational, is your character rooted in accountability and does excellence define your actions? If so, you’ll find a fit into our community. Our goal is to populate the world with inspiring leaders, and we do this by providing peer learning groups for CEOs, Executives and Business Owners. Our clients are sophisticated buyers, and require a polished, professional approach.

We have become a disrupter in the peer learning space, not just by taking market share, but by creating it. Forward thinking and action-oriented leaders demand the highest impact and least time intensive peer learning and that is exactly what we deliver.

While our clients are the “who’s who” of the business community, one of the most unique aspects of our culture is our commitment to social responsibility.  As the ONLY peer group certified as a B Corp, we strive to be the best for the world, as well as the best in the world.

We achieved our B Corp certification based on how we treat our employees, our commitment to diversity & inclusion, and our contribution to the not for profit sector by sponsoring over 100+ not for profit members in our peer groups.

According to Forbes and Bloomberg 8 out of 10 new businesses fail within 18 months, and Inc magazine has reported that only .04% of businesses will ever reach $100 million in revenues. These numbers were published pre-COVID, and the business environment has only become more challenging.  It’s lonely at the top and the demand from these leaders for support continues to increase.

Beyond the compelling mission, entrepreneurial culture, and fulfilling work environment, the other obvious reason to read on is the opportunity itself.

We have a large database of prospects to call on, and we have marketing campaigns that qualify candidates who want to speak with a salesperson. We have thousands that attend our monthly educational events, hundreds that attend weekly, and 76 who entered our pipeline with no one to call them. We even have had our CEO picking up the phone to make sales calls to keep up with the demand. While writing this advertisement we have had 25 more people register for our specialized workshops for those interested in signing up. We are generating more warm and toasty leads than we can even keep up with, hence this advertisement for great sales talent. Plus, marketing innovation is never complete, so we’ll embrace your marketing prowess if it exists.

If there is a fit between our culture and your skill set, you’ll have access to world-class training. Over-achievers get to tap into the investment made we have made in hiring world-class leaders in sales, marketing, and personal growth. This team has managed and trained for others like Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes.

We have been a virtual company since inception, so we were not challenged by working remotely. You can work anywhere in North America if you are proven to be talented and have the right fit. This enables you to earn an exceptional living from the location of your choice. We are Canadian-based and expanding globally.

If you’re not self-motivated please do not even contact us. The right candidates have the opportunity to grow with us. We are currently hiring for sales management, and a President as well.

This is a legitimate sales position that generates real income. You should be making money in the next 2 weeks. We have more opportunities than we can get to. That pain is driving the need for more sales talent. We need people to pick up the phone and make money, follow up on warm leads, go after key accounts and get into organizations.

Currently, we are looking for a minimum a 40-hour work week. You must be exceptional, because we spent a more than 15 years building this brand and our reputation as the leader in this space.  The investments we make in these leads are expensive and these people are important to us, so we won’t waste our money or reputation on poor performers.

Are you ready to finally get what you deserve in this world, based on your own abilities and convictions?

If so, apply to this job by e-mail hiring@mackayceoforums.com and we will contact you to schedule a pre- screening time that fits within both of our schedules. Now, the pre-screening conversations are only about ten minutes, some longer, most much shorter.

When you e-mail hiring@mackayceoforums.com feel free to include your resume, but a perfect resume is not what we are looking for – it is talent, and that is obvious quickly.

We are looking forward to speaking with top producers and super stars only.